About the three countriesHistory

About the three countries

Ukraine Poland Japan
CapitalKyiv CapitalWarsaw CapitalTokyo
Official languageUkrainian Official languagePolish Official languageJapanese
Land area603,700㎢ Land area312,679㎢ Land area377,974㎢
Population43.73 million (2020) Population37.84 million (2020) Population126.14 million (2020)
Population density75 persons/㎢ Population density124 persons/㎢ Population density333 persons/㎢

1939-45: The Second World War

Ukraine was the scene of fierce fighting between Germany and the Soviet Union
1952Establishment of the People's Republic of Poland
(a satellite state subordinate to the Soviet Union)
1952Sovereignty was restored by the San Francisco Peace Treaty.
1954Crimean Peninsula transferred from Russia to Ukraine
1972Reversion of Okinawa to Japanese administration
1986Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident
1989Non-communist government formed
1991Became independent with the dissolution of the Soviet Union
1995Joined the World Trade Organization (WTO) 1995Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake
1999Joined NATO
2004Joined EU
2011Great East Japan Earthquake
2014Russia's annexation of Crimea
20222.24 Russian invasion of Ukraine began

Historical Episodes

Ukraine Poland Japan
1920Starving Polish Orphans from Siberia
765 orphans from Siberia
Koki, the third son of Markan Borishko from Kharkov (mother is Japanese), was a yokozuna in the Showa period (1926-1989).
Koki (mother is Japanese), the third son of Markan Borishko, a native of Kharkov, was a great yokozuna of the Showa period under the name "Taiho.
1995・6 Invitation to 60 orphans from the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake

Math Olympiad Competition Results for 3 countries (last 5 years)

Ukraine Poland Japan
2018 4th 9th 13th
2019 11th 10th 13th
2020 11th 6th 18th
2021 6th 3th 25th
2022 Absent 12th 8th