About us

About the Organization

Our country, Japan, is an island nation in the eastern part of the Eurasian continent, and exchanges with other countries had required crossing oceans with strong currents until the development of airplanes, making human interaction limited, and we have had little experience with invasions from other countries. On the other hand, Ukraine and Poland, located in the midwestern part of Eurasia, have few natural barriers on their borders with their neighbors, and there have been many interactions and invasions between the nations.
Although the three countries have different topographies, climates, and histories, they are blessed with abundant nature, have well-developed civilizations, and have nurtured a national character that loves the arts.
For Japan, after World War II, and for Ukraine and Poland after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, they continue to have a strong desire for peace.
Non-Profit Organization SunPanSa promotes cultural, educational, and academic exchanges to further nurture the friendship between the three countries. We also invite displaced persons from Ukraine, which is currently in a state of war, to Japan and support them so that they can live in peace and security.

Board of Directors and Auditors

Chairman Masayoshi Uemura Representative of Matsusaka Japanese Language Study Group
Vice Chairman
Secretary General
Shuji Isaji, MD Advisor of Matsusaka City Hospital,
Advisor to the Director of Mie University Hospital
Vice Chairman Kan Takeda, MD President of Mie Hospital Association
Chairman of Kuwana City Medical Center
Vice Chairman Taizo Shiraishi, MD Vice Chairman of Kuwana City Medical Center
Director Masaaki Ito, MD President of Mie University
Director Shigeru Nii, MD Chairman of Mie Medical Association
Director Koan Esumi, MD Doctor of Shima City Hospital
Director Ishimi Oosugi Ise-Katagami (Paper Stencils) artist
Director Hirotaka Hayashi President of Fujitochi Co.
Director Nobuo Matsuura President of Bankyo Pharmaceutical Co.
Director Yoichiro Yuda Wooden furniture designer and fabricator
Auditor Chiemi Murakami Coffee Roast Shop Owner
Auditor Tomoyo Taniguchi Matsusaka City Elementary School Teacher